Places to Go, Things to See

2 Nov

No 5-spot today, as we creakily get things started.

Because I think her work is really fantastic and somewhat indicative of my taste– and also because she is absurdly beautiful in blue– check out what the singular Zoetica Ebb has to offer.


In the vein of They Might Be Giants, a song about quarks!

(via The Nerdist)


Pajiba Village…

A Tribute to the Swearing of Malcolm Tucker, The Most Brilliantly Profane Character in All of Film — If you haven’t seen In the Loop yet, do it. It could give you a whole new perspective on election day.

The Weekend Box Office Report

The Pajiba Power Rankings — The Ten Best TV Episodes of the Week — I’m not sure that I’m going to push this particular Pajiba column each week, but I just wanted to give some love to them for acknowledging that Community may have produced the greatest non-Simpsons Halloween episode ever.

Red State Filming Wraps I will never not pass along news to you concerning Kevin Smith and his greatness.

Wake Up Dead  — “The Walking Dead” Seriously people, even if you don’t dig the whole zombie thing at least give episode one a look. Just truly amazing.

Trailers….because they’re the best part of every Twilight movie

Blitz (via Pajiba)


London Boulevard — I’m an unrepentant Anglophile through-and-through, so you know I’m itching for this movie. Even if it didn’t have Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) and the one who is so hot she makes my eyes bleed, Kiera Knightly (who I named my now-deceased pick up truck after)

Cheers, y’all. Enjoy.


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